Our services

GF Consulting provides the following consulting services to its clients:

  • Structural design and documentation for low rise residential and multi-unit projects, commercial and industrial projects, extensions and refurbishments type projects, heavy industrial.
  • Structial reports, site inspections and site classifications.
  • Structural design and documentation of small projects including retaining walls, patios, sheds, carports, concrete pools.
  • Tilt up panel and steelwork shop detailing.

We also offer a host of other specialty services, including:

  • Property development analysis
  • Project costings
  • Project feasibility preparations
  • Complete development management


Why choose us?

  • We are results-driven
    With each project, we strive to ensure you complete it in the most affordable, time sensitive and sustainable manner.
  • Affordable rates
    We pride ourselves on the simple, straightforward and cost-efficient solutions we offer, and that the services we provide are sensitive to your specific budgetary needs.
  •  Extensive experience
    Our handpicked team has amassed a wealth of experience which is directly responsible for our streamlined and efficient approach.
  • Superior innovation
    Our solutions are crafted by some of the most highly-trained and qualified professionals on the market.
    If GF Consulting can be of service, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and how we can be of assistance. We welcome the opportunity to present proposals with the view to building excellent relationships. We always strive to provide a value-driven service built on solid experience and expert management.

Real Estate Development Management

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Structural Engineering

GF Consulting provide a wide range of consultancy services in structural design and documentation, preparation of structural reports, and structural certification: Site investigations and certifications of unauthorised building...

Project Management

We provide a complete project service from concept design to handover of the project on completion: Preparation of concept designs Preliminary and detailed project costing Engagement and appointment of project consultants ...