Structural Engineering

GF Consulting over 35 years has undertaken and completed numerous projects where our structural design skills have been utilised. These include residential, industrial and commercial and other types of projects where structural expertise have been needed. Contact us to find out more. we always maintain the highest standards.


Project Management/Development Management

GF Consulting has extensive experience in the Project Management/Development Management on numerous projects


Some of the notable projects of which GF Consulting was the Structural Consultants and the Project/Development manager include:


  • 12 Chaplin Drive Lane Cove 4 Strata Hi-tech Units
  • 19 Chaplin Drive Lane Cove 3 Strata Hi-Tech Units
  • Lot 5 Potter Close Wetherill Park 10 Strata Office/warehouse Units
  • Lot 119 Jedda Rd Hoxton Park 7 Strata Office/Warehouse Units
  • 9 Ponderosa Parade Warriewood 7 Strata Factory Units
  • 9A Ponderosa Parade Warriewood 8 Strata Factory Units/50 strata storage units
  • 5-7 Prosperity Parade Warriewood 14 Strata Office/Warehouse Units



  • 1 Chaplin Drive Lane Cove 19 strata Office Suites
  • 20 Barcoo St East Roseville 18 Office Suites/ 10 Warehouse Units



  • 109 Gray Rd Hill End 12 Town Houses/Apartments
  • 299 Oldbury Rd Moss Vale Prestige Rural Estate including Main Home Guest House/Barn and infrastructure



  • Sutton Forest Inn Refurbishment of Existing Hotel and DA for 75 accommodation units including conference facilities.


Residential subdivision

  • 55 Fleurs Rd Blacktown 17 Lot Subdivision


Industrial projects

From small factory complexes to large warehouses in the range of 2000m² – 20000m², we have extensive experience in the design and construction of industrial projects.

The majority of these projects were completed using the tilt-up method of construction.

Our design philosophy has been to provide an economical structure, using the structural advantages of tilt-up walls and keeping the building process efficient.

Some of the notable projects include the following:


Commercial projects

The projects have utilised different construction types in structural framing and external facades that have included conventional formed concrete floors, post tensioned floors, ultra-floor and bondek. The external facades include a combination of light weight framing using fibre cement sheeting fixed to steel framing, curtain wall glazing, tilt-up wall panels and other facade treatments.

Some of the notable projects include the following:


Tilt-up construction

We have the enviable status of having designed the tallest tilt-up panels in Australia at 20m high.


Residential projects

GFC has undertaken the design and construction of several residential projects including single dwellings and multi dwelling projects.

Some of the notable projects include:


Design and construction

  • 109 Gray Rd Hill End 12 town house/apartment project with underground car park
  • Alberto St Lilyfield 14 townhouse including underground car park
  • Oldbury Rd Moss Vale Large prestige home/guest house/barn on 100 acre block